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Boudewijn Rempt committed changes in [calligra/krita-indirect_painting-rempt] krita/plugins/paintops/libpaintop/forms/wdgcurveoption.ui:

Clarify the meaning of "use the same curve" checkbox

11:07:19 < deevad> Hey, I polishing my brush presets, and I figure I never really understand what stand for 'use curve' or 'use same curve' ( 'use curve = ok it's obvious' ) but ...'use same curves' ... same as what ? thanks for
answer :)
11:09:24 < boud> deevad: iirc, plassy added those options
11:09:50 < boud> I need to check the commit log to see what they are supposed to do :-)
11:10:11 < boud> use the same curve, I think means, use this curve for both opacity and flow
11:10:40 < boud> oh, wait - no
11:11:14 < boud> it means do you want to use one curve for all dynamics sensors, or different curves for different sensors
11:11:32 < deevad> oohohhhh ; now it makes sens
11:11:52 < deevad> thanks boud. Cool, more complex possiblities :)
11:12:09 * deevad back tweaking for the perfect brush
11:12:39 < boud> i'll add a tooltip
11:13:08 < deevad> good idea if it's not a big job to do :)

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