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Bug Fixes in Office

Jarosław Staniek committed changes in [calligra] /:

Fix misplaced validation tip in tableview; show invalid data warnings

Table View:

*Fixed misplaced 'Date/Time data error' validation popup in tableview

*Show warning when invalid date values in tables and forms are rejected

*Clicking validation popup editor is focus again allowing to correct the value
*Use new message widget for validation popups


File Changes

Deleted 2 files
  • /widget/utils
  •   kexi/kexiarrowtip.cpp
  •   kexi/kexiarrowtip.h
Modified 14 files
  •   kexi/kexiutils/kmessagewidget.cpp
  •   kexi/kexiutils/kmessagewidget.h
  •   kexi/kexiutils/kmessagewidget_p.h
  •   kexi/widget/dataviewcommon/kexidataawareobjectiface.cpp
  •   kexi/widget/dataviewcommon/kexidataawareobjectiface.h
  •   kexi/widget/tableview/kexidatetableedit.cpp
  •   kexi/widget/tableview/kexidatetableedit.h
  •   kexi/widget/tableview/kexidatetimetableedit.cpp
  •   kexi/widget/tableview/kexidatetimetableedit.h
  •   kexi/widget/tableview/kexitableview.cpp
  •   kexi/widget/tableview/kexitableview.h
  •   kexi/widget/tableview/kexitimetableedit.cpp
  •   kexi/widget/tableview/kexitimetableedit.h
  •   kexi/widget/utils/CMakeLists.txt
16 files changed in total