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Alexander Maret-Huskinson committed changes in [wacomtablet] /kcmodule:

Improved button action selection widget and dialog.

* The button action selection dialog now returns the previous shortcut if the dialog was canceled.
* The button action widget will now disable the current action label if no shortcut is set. This gives the user a better visual feedback.
* Updated the pen- and pad-widget to reflect the new changes.
* Removed obsolete code.

File Changes

Modified 6 files
  • /kcmodule
  •   src/buttonactionselectiondialog.cpp
  •   src/buttonactionselectiondialog.h
  •   src/buttonactionselectionwidget.cpp
  •   src/buttonactionselectionwidget.h
  •   src/padbuttonwidget.cpp
  •   src/penwidget.cpp
6 files changed in total