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Alexander Maret-Huskinson committed changes in [wacomtablet] /:

More button action changes.

* Removed toggle display/mode features as they are no longer supported by xsetwacom.
* Unified button action selections accross the pen widget and pad widget tabs.
* The mouse button selection dialog now sets the current setting as default.
* Added a group box to the mouse button selection dialog to make it look nicer.
* Named the default mouse buttons which should be available on all mice.
* Removed obsolete toggle code from ButtonShortcut.
* Updated ButtonShortcut unit test to reflect the changes.

File Changes

Modified 10 files
  •   src/common/buttonshortcut.cpp
  •   src/common/buttonshortcut.h
  •   src/kcmodule/padbuttonwidget.cpp
  •   src/kcmodule/penwidget.cpp
  •   src/kcmodule/penwidget.h
  •   src/kcmodule/selectkeybutton.cpp
  •   src/kcmodule/selectkeybutton.h
  •   src/kcmodule/selectkeybutton.ui
  •   tests/common/testbuttonshortcut.cpp
  •   tests/common/testbuttonshortcut.h
10 files changed in total