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Features in KDE-PIM

Jan Kundrát committed changes in [trojita] /:

Composer: allow inline attachments and support renaming them

It comes handy to e.g. mark a patch for an inline display. It might also be
interesting to be able to change the filename of the attachment so that it's
different than what was on-disk (an actual user suggested this).

fixes #587

File Changes

Added 1 files
  • src/Composer/ContentDisposition.h
Modified 7 files
  •   src/Composer/ComposerAttachments.cpp
  •   src/Composer/ComposerAttachments.h
  •   src/Composer/MessageComposer.cpp
  •   src/Composer/MessageComposer.h
  •   src/Gui/ComposerAttachmentsList.cpp
  •   src/Gui/ComposerAttachmentsList.h
  •   src/Imap/Model/ItemRoles.h
8 files changed in total