Issue 299

4th August 2013 by KDE Commit-Digest Team


Marta Rybczynska
Giacomo Barazzetti
Alex Fikl
Danny Allen

This Week...

Kate adds an extension to Kate Vim: new shortcut ctrl-e in the emulated command bar, that makes refactoring duplicated complex expressions easier; other search and replace improvements include multi-line text searches and upper/lower-casing replacement captures. KDE-PIM supports CONDSTORE IMAP extension for incremental flags change synchronization. Akonadi implements server-side notification filtering, adds support for a globally unique identifier for items. Artikulate adds multiple recordings for the courses. Krita implements anisotropic spacing for the brushes. KDE Frameworks porting continues, for instance in the new i18n semantics.


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Bug Fixes

Development Tools

Andreas Pakulat committed changes in [kdevelop/4.5] languages/cpp/cppduchain/templatedeclaration.cpp:

Fix endless recursion in setSpecializedFrom

This could be triggered by having the exactly same specialization occur
twice in a single file. setSpecializedFrom would end up calling itself
with the same TemplateDeclaration over and over again.

Adding another recursion counter in the same way that other places already
have one fixes the problem. Unfortunately I wasn't able to generate a test
that exhibits the recursion problem.


Bernhard Beschow committed changes in [marble] /qt-components/marble-touch:

fix Marble Touch to restore last activity when restarting

Aleix Pol Gonzalez committed changes in [pairs] pairseditor/mainwindow.cpp:

Fix crash

Initialize the view whenever we're creating the view, otherwise most of the
class members would be null and the application crashed.
Also don't ask to save if the view is not initialized yet, it's not useful
and lets us reuse this bit of code.

REVIEW: 323071

Bernhard Beschow committed changes in [marble] src/plugins/declarative/Settings.cpp:

use QApplication's application + organization name instead of hardcoding it

* allows QtQuick applications to store their settings to their own files


Benjamin Girault committed changes in [kipi-plugins] /:

Panorama: Bugfix enblend and nona

Fixes a bug when those binaries are not in the path and makes the code a little bit quicker.

Diffs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Revision b1d5640...
Benjamin Girault committed changes in [kipi-plugins] /manager:

Expoblending: Enfuse version bugfix

Gilles Caulier committed changes in [digikam] /:

Maintenance Manager : complete rewrite of maintenance tools handling.
Instead to use signal provided by tool to know if job is done, use progress manager signal.
Store instance of each tools in d private container instead stack to provide a better check of stage under progress.
Patch ScanController to provide a better feedback to NewItemsFinder, in all scan mode. Add a new method to only call core code to perform
scan WITHOUT to show a progress dialog. In fact progress manager as already all in place to give user feedback about progress...
Patch FaceManagement maintenance tool to indicate that face are detected and recognized.
Move status progress bar with ProgresManager code, as this one is fully relevant.

Marcel, I would to drop fully DProgressDialog code, which is only used now to ScanController, with all first run step to collect all information from image
managed by database. I remember that in 2.x serie, you have patched digiKam to only perform first run scan in background when albumgui is show. I'm right ?
At now, this feature sound fonctionnal some time, but it's not fully reproducible.
If you take a look how Google Picasa work, you will see that main DB referencing run in background when main GUI is displayed. A progress indication is show in statusbar.
User can start to work with collected items in real time and don't need to wait a long time that all referencing is done through a small progress dialog...
Look this entry for ex : 320359.
What do you think about?

FIXED-IN: 3.3.0

KDE Base

Andrey Matveyakin committed changes in [kate] /render:

Always draw full selection rect in block mode

Alex Fiestas committed changes in [kdelibs] solid/solid/backends/udev/udevmanager.cpp:

Always return an object if the device was of interest when added

Finally this nasty gets fixed, problem is easy:
-Udev calls deviceAdded
-We emit deviceAdded
-Device becomes invalid (in udev)
-UdevManager::createDevice is called, returns 0
-deviceRemoved is emit
-Q_ASSERT explodes because we returned 0.

This patch basically ensures that if the device was of interest when
deviceAdded was called a UdevDevice object is always returned even if
the device is dummy. That's the best we can do.

FIXED-IN: 4.11

Frank Reininghaus committed changes in [kde-baseapps] dolphin/src/dolphindockwidget.cpp:

Do not allow that panels are dragged out of the main window

This feature might have been useful in some cases, but it's most likely
not useful enough to justify that we accept the bugs that it causes.
Even though some of these bugs are not Dolphin's fault at all, they
cause serious problems for users in some cases.

I'm pushing this commit to master only because I prefer to not push such
behavior changes to 4.11 at this point of the release cycle.

FIXED-IN: 4.12.0
REVIEW: 111692

Albert Astals Cid committed changes in [kde-workspace/KDE/4.11] ktouchpadenabler/ktouchpadenabler_daemon.cpp:

Grab the enable/disable/toggle Touchpad keys with any modifier

This way it still works even if you have numlock enabled

FIXED-IN: 4.11.0

Eike Hein committed changes in [kde-workspace/KDE/4.11] plasma/desktop/applets/tasks/package/contents/ui/main.qml:

Update container dimensions on child count changes in force row mode.

This got lost during reshuffling at some point.

Martin Gräßlin committed changes in [kdelibs/frameworks] /:

Port KWindowSystemPrivate to QAbstractNativeEventFilter

Obviously it's only filtering XCB events and the event filtering code
is ported to use XCB data types.

With this change the KSystemEventFilter is no longer needed and
therefore dropped.

REVIEW: 111792

Diffs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Revision ab8f453...
Alex Fiestas committed changes in [kdelibs] solid/solid/backends/udisks2/udisksmanager.cpp:

Do not clean the cache in UDisks2 backend

By deleting DeviceBackend we are invalidating all UDisks2::Devices that
are in libsolid frontend, since their m_backend will be 0


Eike Hein committed changes in [kde-workspace/KDE/4.11] plasma/desktop/applets/tasks/package/contents/ui/Task.qml:

Publish geometry as soon as we get an associated window.

This takes care of the case of startup notification items morphing
into tasks when the current layout state doesn't trigger the post-
animation geometry republishing.

Andrey Matveyakin committed changes in [kate] /document:

When a single line is inserted in block selection mode, duplicate it for each block row

Fabio D'Urso committed changes in [kde-baseapps/KDE/4.11] dolphin/src/dolphinpart.cpp:

DolphinPart: Use Qt::convertFromPlainText instead of Qt::escape for filenames

Unlike escape, convertFromPlainText preserves whitespace sequences

REVIEW: 111835

Xuetian Weng committed changes in [kde-workspace/KDE/4.11] /generic/applets/notifications/contents/ui:

fix click link in notification

now click link in notification can open browser correctly.

REVIEW: 111828

Eike Hein committed changes in [kde-workspace/KDE/4.11] plasma/desktop/applets/tasks/package/contents/ui/main.qml:
Thomas Lübking committed changes in [kde-workspace/KDE/4.11] kwin/effects/desktopgrid/desktopgrid_config.cpp:
Dawit Alemayehu committed changes in [kdelibs/KDE/4.11] /:

Update URLs copied to clipboard if they change as a result of KIO operations.

FIXED-IN: 4.11
REVIEW: 111776

Dawit Alemayehu committed changes in [kdelibs/KDE/4.11] /:
Mark Gaiser committed changes in [kde-workspace/KDE/4.11] libs/taskmanager/taskgroup.cpp:

Make sure launchers are placed correctly.

Eike Hein committed changes in [kde-workspace/KDE/4.11] plasma/desktop/applets/tasks/package/contents/ui/MouseHandler.qml:

Don't allow tasks to be dragged past launchers.

Eike Hein committed changes in [kde-workspace/KDE/4.11] plasma/desktop/applets/tasks/package/contents/ui/Task.qml:

Tweak the icon scaling curve for itsy-bitsy heights a bit more.

Sigh - this makes me feel very dirty, but it actually leads to
pleasing results with about half a dozen themes without viola-
ting correctness too much.

Simon Paul St James committed changes in [kate] /:

Make joining lines in Visual Mode with J work when the selection is in a downwards direction, and fix counted-ness of line joins (it was joining one too many) and make cursor positioning match Vim's (should place the cursor before the first non-whitespace char of the last line joined).

If the count would take us past the number of lines in the document in Normal mode, do nothing.

Don't crash if there are only empty lines to join.

Also, entirely unrelatedly, fix some annoying warnings in KateViModeBase::switchView(...).

Diffs: 1, 2, 3, 4 Revision 40ff9c8...
Dominik Haumann committed changes in [kate] /syntax:

fix cases environment highlighting

Thanks to Michael for the patch!
FIXED-IN: 4.11.1

Alex Fiestas committed changes in [kde-workspace] powerdevil/daemon/powerdevilcore.cpp:

Replace Notification by kWarning on missing/unsupported actions

hat new behavior makes the notification "Action not found" deprecated
since now it is totally possible that a profile tries to load an
unsupported action such DimDisplay on most workstations.


Thomas Lübking committed changes in [kde-workspace/KDE/4.11] kwin/composite.cpp:

bind unredirection change to unredirection update

when the option changes, the compositor needs to update
the state as it will later not act (in the disabled case)
and should to reflect the option change.

REVIEW: 111867

FIXED-IN: 4.11

Jeremy Paul Whiting committed changes in [kdelibs] knewstuff/knewstuff3/core/engine.cpp:

Fix uninstalling of knewstuff data by using registry entry for uninstall rather than provider entry.
Thanks to Alex Richardson for the patch.

Eike Hein committed changes in [kde-workspace/KDE/4.11] plasma/desktop/applets/tasks/package/contents/code/layout.js:

Cap to preferred max width when distributing the launcher delta.

Alex Turbov committed changes in [kate] /completion:

Do not append words shorter than configured minimum word length to complete.
Also ignore one and two letter "words" to reduce a "noise" in a completion popup.

Fabio D'Urso committed changes in [kde-baseapps/KDE/4.11] dolphin/src/statusbar/dolphinstatusbar.cpp:

dolphin: Escape text in statusbar tooltip

This fixes the same issue as 4450f8449af91e491636728a4669e2a9e27b49fa,
but for the status bar's tooltip text.

FIXED-IN: 4.11.0
REVIEW: 111836

Kai Uwe Broulik committed changes in [kde-workspace/KDE/4.11] plasma/generic/applets/batterymonitor/contents/ui/batterymonitor.qml:

Enable LayoutMirroring only on right-to-left languages.
Thought it would detect that automatically.

Alex Fiestas committed changes in [kdelibs] solid/solid/backends/upower/upowerdevice.cpp:

Fix infinite recursion in UPower backend

Patches avoids calling Product from Description and adds "Vendor" as
an additional fallback (better vendor than nothing, no?)



Laurent Montel committed changes in [kdepim] /:

Fix Bug 288970 - Rename date format "Fancy format" to "Smart format"

FIXED-IN: 4.12

Volker Krause committed changes in [akonadi] server/src/handler/append.cpp:

Fix creating items with a single external payload.

This was removing the just inserted part from the db again, but keeping the
external payload file around. This cannot possibly have ever worked...

We probably didn't notice this so far since emails are multi-part and don't
hit this path at all, and everything else is usually too small for the
external storage threshold. This was found by the unit tests for
ItemCreateJob in kdepimlibs.

REVIEW: 111819

David Jarvie committed changes in [kdepim/KDE/4.11] /:

Fix edit dialog memory leak when it is closed by clicking Cancel

David Jarvie committed changes in [kdepim/KDE/4.11] /:

Fix display alarm deferral limit when KAlarm defaults to UTC.

When time zones are not accessible and KAlarm defaults to the UTC
time zone, deferral limits were calculated as the UTC time, not the
local time. Depending on the local time zone, this resulted in alarms
not being able to be deferred or being able to be deferred past the
next recurrence.

Diffs: 1, 2, 3 Revision f30668e...


Inge Wallin committed changes in [calligra] sheets/ui/CellToolBase.cpp:

Fix bug 283164: delete key doesn't delete multiple cells

Thanks boemann for the review.

REVIEW: 111321

Boudewijn Rempt committed changes in [calligra/krita-opengl2-rempt] /ui:

Make texture buffering optional

It breaks on AMD/Radeon...

Boudewijn Rempt committed changes in [calligra] krita/ui/input/kis_input_profile_manager.cpp:

Load input profile through the main component

This fixes an issue where starting Krita with a Desktop lnk or
Program Menu lnk would not load the profile.

Dmitry Kazakov committed changes in [calligra] /:

Fixed Speed, Distance and Drawing Angle sensors

This patch makes the following user-visible changes:

1) Speed and Distance sensors are fixed
2) Drawing Angle sensor became much more stable and smooth
3) Drawing Angle sensor works right on the rotated canvas

Technical details:

This patch hugely refactors the distance information part of
our painting system. The two most significant changes:

1) KisPaintInformation doesn't have movement() method, because it
used to get inconsistent *very* fast when the lien was split into
chunks in paintBezierCurve. The access to drawingDistance(),
drawingAngle() and drawingSpeep() parameters is provided only by means
of teh associated KisDistanceInformation.

2) (follows from the point 1) From now on paintAt() function also accepts
KisDistanceInformation object, because otherwise it will not be able
to access the calculated parameters.


Dmitry Kazakov committed changes in [calligra] /plugins/paintops/libpaintop/sensors:

Initialize averaging buffer with initial speed value


Mark Kretschmann committed changes in [amarok] /:

Fix initial sizes, minimum sizes, and resizing of dock widgets.

Something that had annoyed me for a long time is when you resized
Amarok, the relative proportions of the three dock widgets would change.
Maybe I'm a bit OCD about UIs but it can't stand it when something is
almost symmetrical, but not quite. So that won't happen any more.

Also, the widgets now have sane minimum sizes.

Diffs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Revision 022ae46...
Mark Kretschmann committed changes in [amarok] /services/jamendo:

Fix Jamendo tracks shown as not playable.

Matěj Laitl committed changes in [amarok] /:

LastFmServiceConfig: prompt to save credentials in ASCII even if KWallet is disabled

I believe there is inconsistency in KWallet documentation/behaviour that
lead to assumptions not being fulfilled in credential-saving code. Lessen
the assumptions.

* Definitely fix a bug where storing credentials in plain-text
isn't offered when KWallet is disabled. (BR 315306)

@Vedant, you might need to incorporate this fix to your


CCMAIL: Vedant Agarwala

Matěj Laitl committed changes in [amarok] /:

MediaDeviceCache: work-around Solid UDisks2 bug by not calling allDevices()

Kudos go to Alex Fiestas for extensive debugging and finding out the
root of the problem.

* Work-around Solid UDisks2 backend bug that caused USB Mass Storage
devices and iPods not being recognized when connected before Amarok
was started. Also fixes a bug where blank devices would appear in
Play Media dialog. (BR 322980)

We don't need to call Solid::Device::allDevices() at all because that
was only needed for Apple iPhone support for the *old* iPod collection
that was replaced in Amarok 2.6.


Networking Tools

Joris Guisson committed changes in [libktorrent] /:

Fix bug causing authenticated peers not to get accepted

Andrea Diamantini committed changes in [rekonq] /:

Get sure web settings are applied BEFORE loading pages

There is also a change in font size management, ignoring DPI and consi
dering settings as pixels.
Change default font size to 16 (default internet pixel font size)

Andrea Diamantini committed changes in [rekonq] src/tabwindow/tabwidget.cpp:

Restore history tab. Fix regression.

Andrea Diamantini committed changes in [rekonq] src/webwindow/webwindow.cpp:

Add '/' (slash) shortcut to launch search bar

Joris Guisson committed changes in [libktorrent] /:

Fix bug causing eta estimation to go wrong during uploading

Joris Guisson committed changes in [ktorrent] /:

Fix gzip not working in ipfilter plugin due to wrong mimetype

Andrea Diamantini committed changes in [rekonq] /:

Adding domain-specific hiding support to the adblocker.

The domain-specific rules are stored in a QMultiHash, where the key
is the domain and the values are the rules for the specified domain.
This causes redundancy, because on rule can be applied to more than
one domain, but has a really fast look-up time.
The code for the generic hiding has not changed and is just relocated.

REVIEW: 111521

Diffs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Revision f28c7dc...
Andrea Diamantini committed changes in [rekonq] src/webtab/webview.cpp:

Add contextual action when in fullscreen to easily exit


Sven Brauch committed changes in [kte-collaborative/separate-server-handle] kioslave/kio_infinity.cpp:

Use the correct text buffer size for unicode text.

Prevents crashes when uploading documents with unicode characters.

Sven Brauch committed changes in [kte-collaborative] /:

Fix highlighting ranges encompassing newlines when text is inserted

This was surprisingly complex... but now it works.


Nemanja Hirsl committed changes in [ksirk/KDE/4.11] ksirk/kgamewin.cpp:


Bug 315491 - Kirsk Crash
The main issue is using deleted pointer. There is no need to recreate
sprites if the player is out of the game.

Wolfgang Rohdewald committed changes in [kajongg] /:

fix a problem occurring with slow animation and chow selection

the chow selection dialog was synchronous, it now returns the result
in a Deferred. Same of course for kong selection.

This commit also fixes this situation:

1. user says Chow
2. SelectChow dialog pops up when more than one chow combination is possible
3. previous animation ends, making animate() callback with current answer
4. but this answer is Chow, without a selected Chow. This is wrongly sent to server


Development Tools

Vlas Puhov committed changes in [kdevplatform] /grepview:

GrepView: Use combo box with a list of recent locations instead of edit

Now it possible to use recently used search locations.

REVIEW: 111781

Diffs: 1, 2, 3, 4 Revision 8ef74a1...


Bernhard Beschow committed changes in [marble] src/qt-components/marble-touch/main.cpp:

store Marble Touch's settings in "Marble Touch.conf"

Andreas Cord-Landwehr committed changes in [artikulate] /:

Make progess bar clickable.

* highlight the current type phrase
* allow transition between phrase types using phaese acceptance button
* add mouse over effects for progress bar

Diffs: 1, 2, 3, 4 Revision a4f6d1f...
Oindrila Gupta committed changes in [artikulate-data] courses/basic/ba/ba.xml:

Female voice recordings for the 'Countries and Culture' unit have been added to the Bengali Course.


Gilles Caulier committed changes in [digikam] /:

Maintenance tool : add Metadata synchronization option to be able to update from image metadata to DB or from DB to image metadata.

KDE Base

Aaron J. Seigo committed changes in [kde-workspace] plasma/generic/runners/services/servicerunner.cpp:

make it possible to match applications with fewer keystrokes

patch by Milo Mordaunt


(cc'ing an extra copy to myself to keep it for backporting to 4.11.1)

Joseph Wenninger committed changes in [kate] kate/app/katedocmanager.cpp:

If documents are closed, but they had no top most view, keep the view. Only if the active view vanished, replace it by the first document.

David Faure committed changes in [kdelibs/frameworks] /:

Turn khtml into a proper framework, with its own version number.

Martin Gräßlin committed changes in [kde-workspace/frameworks-scratch] /:

Port invert screen from XLib xrandr to xcb randr

With this we can drop the linking to xrandr in KWin core.

Diffs: 1, 2, 3 Revision 7393819...
Simon Paul St James committed changes in [kate] /:

Replace SedReplace's search & replace mechanism with KateRegExpSearch - this reduces code and also adds some extra features, like multi-line text searches and usage of \U and \L for upper/lower-casing replacement captures, etc.

Comes with fairly extensive regression tests via ViModeTest.



Diffs: 1, 2, 3 Revision a2e350a...
Simon Paul St James committed changes in [kate] /:

Add an extension to Kate Vim in the form of a new shortcut ctrl-e for the emulated command bar, which behaves similarly to ctrl-r save that the inserted text is escaped for searching - this enables us to do e.g.


on the text:

( x / y * z * 5.0)

then open up a search and do ctrl-e, 0 and find all occurrences of that formula - in this particular case, the "/", "*" and "." are escaped when we do ctrl-e, 0 i.e. we search for

( x \/ y \* z * 5\.0)

This makes refactoring a duplicated complex expression like the above into a method/ local variable much more convenient.


Diffs: 1, 2, 3 Revision b82dabd...
Martin Gräßlin committed changes in [kdelibs/frameworks] /kwindowsystem/src:

Add support for XCB key press events to KKeyServer

Allows converting an xcb key event to Qt key + modifier code just like
the existing code for a XEvent. Slight difference: instead of an assert
the method returns false in case it's not a key event.

REVIEW: 109480

Diffs: 1, 2, 3 Revision 373d812...
Simon Paul St James committed changes in [kate] /:

Further work on the "repeat last search" stuff - in Vim's search bar, if we search forward, then an unescaped "/" has a special meaning, which I'm going to call a "search config marker" (not sure if there is any official terminology) (and likewise for "?" when searching backwards). If one is present, the actual pattern to search is everything to the left of this, unless such a pattern is empty, in which case we repeat the last search performed. The stuff to the right of it is also parsed: if there is an 'e' there, then the search will place the cursor at the *end* of the match, rather than the beginning. I've implemented all this stuff, though there is some more to do: in Vim proper, we can also specify an offset to place the cursor; e.g.


would search for bar and place the cursor 3 chars before the end of the match;


would repeat the last search and place the cursor 6 chars after the start of the match; etc.

I haven't implemented this "numeric offset" stuff, though.

Diffs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Revision 834adc9...


Christian Mollekopf committed changes in [kdepimlibs] /:

Added support for GID.

This patch adds support for a globally unique identifier for items.
In particular it allows to set the GID from ItemCreate/ModifyJobs,
to refer to items using the GID in fetch/modify jobs, and to retrieve
the GID in fetch jobs using the itemfetch scope.

The GidExtractorInterface can be implemented by serializer plugins to
extract the GID from the payload of an item.
A typical example is the uid of an ical object.

By using this facility akonadi supports efficient lookups by gid.

This feature requires the server protocol version 34.

REVIEW: 110648

Diffs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (+ 12 more) Revision e2a13f0...
Dan Vratil committed changes in [kdepim-runtime] /:

Support CONDSTORE IMAP extension

CONDSTORE extension allows incremental flags change synchronization. That means
we don't have to list all messages in every mailbox to check whether there were
any flags changes, we just ask for messages that have changed since last time.
This saves a lot of bandwidth and massively speeds up synchronization
(especially for large folders).

CONDSTORE is today supported by almost every modern IMAP server, but in case
it's not not supported, the task simply falls back to listing all messages and
comparing flags.

REVIEW: 111726

Diffs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Revision 6d70af8...
Jan Kundrát committed changes in [trojita] /Gui:

Composer: make it possible to paste as a quoted text

REVIEW: 111860

Dan Vratil committed changes in [akonadi] /:

Implement server-side notification filtering

Clients can use the new DBus methods in NotificationSource interface to
configure the filter. The server will then emit each notification only
to clients that are actually interested in.

This decreases DBus traffic generated by the server a lot and reduces
CPU use, because clients don't have to do the filtering anymore.

Clients that don't subscribe with new subscribeV2() method will be
delivered all notifications and have to do the filtering themselves
(backward compatibility)

(Merged and squashed from serverside-monitor branch)

REVIEW: 111816

Diffs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Revision d1358fe...
Laurent Montel committed changes in [kdepim] /:

Start to add support for archive mail

Jan Kundrát committed changes in [trojita] /:

Composer: allow inline attachments and support renaming them

It comes handy to e.g. mark a patch for an inline display. It might also be
interesting to be able to change the filename of the attachment so that it's
different than what was on-disk (an actual user suggested this).

fixes #587

Diffs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Revision 3867a0f...
Laurent Montel committed changes in [kdepim] /:

Add support for regex

Diffs: 1, 2, 3 Revision 4f687e2...
Laurent Montel committed changes in [kdepim] /:

Add new program. mboximporter until now when we have a mbox file we can open in kmail but not import it directly, otherwise we must start kmailcvt and import etc.

Diffs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Revision 4f7fc80...


Dmitry Kazakov committed changes in [calligra] /:

Implemented anisotropic spacing for the Krita brushes

Now if you change the 'ratio' option the brush, the horizontal
and vertical spacing will be relative to the width and height of the
brush correspondingly.

This effect is achieved by used equation of a ellipse. When the
cumulative 'distance' value grows out of the ellipse defined by the
spacing values, a new dab is painted.

Matus Uzak committed changes in [calligra] /words/docx/import:

docx: Added support for bidi el. (Right to Left Section Layout).

Changed interpretation of values of the jc element: In order to
support different writing modes, left and right should be
interpreted as start and end respectively.

Reverted 36531721d558d5466d1dfd6a8a40068ccd7f3d1f

Dmitry Kazakov committed changes in [calligra] /plugins/paintops:

Added an option for disabling Anisotropic Spacing

Diffs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Revision 867a208...
Jos van den Oever committed changes in [calligra/libs-writeodf-vandenoever-2] /:

Add api for writing ODF that is generated from the ODF RNG file.

Writing the XML commands with the KoXmlWriter API is time consuming and error prone. This patch uses RNG file that defines the structure of ODF XML to generate header files. These header files allow a cleaner way of serializing ODF documents in Calligra.

Diffs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (+ 5 more) Revision 8bdd52e...

Networking Tools

Andrea Diamantini committed changes in [rekonq] src/webtab/webview.cpp:

Contextual menu work

Group inspect action alone as requested and reorganized action as
proposed. Now we have

open here
open there
open everywhere
--- SAVE ---
save link as..
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"Save link" is the text chosen in KDE, webkit, chrom* && firefox. I
don't want to change it.

Andrea Diamantini committed changes in [rekonq] /adblock:

Load the adblock settings in background.

If you open rekonq and start typing immediately, there is a small lag
(about half a second).
This is caused by the AdBlockManager::loadSettings function reading
the adblock rules. It is called with a one second delay to make the
startup faster. With this patch, the function is called in a separate
thread using QtConcurrent::run to eliminate the lag.

To make this safe, the adblocker is enabled after the settings are
loaded, which means, that the first site loaded could be partially
with ads. But this is no change in behavior, as the adblocker in
current master is disabled for a whole second.

The only times this blocks now is in situations, where it is necessary
that the settings are loaded (showSettings and addCustomRule), but I
guess that no normal user will use those in under
a second after startup :)

REVIEW: 111712



Giorgos Tsiapaliwkas committed changes in [bodega-client/terietor/ratings] activeclient/package/contents/ui/storebrowser/AssetColumn.qml:

add support for rating the asset

Anton Kreuzkamp committed changes in [qmlweb] /:

Add support for states and transitions.

This change adds the element types "State", "PropertyChanges" and "Transition".
It also adds the properties "states", "transitions" and "state" to Item.
Moreover it makes the properties "targets" and "properties" of PropertyAnimation
work, which is needed for transitions. It also adjusts the parser to understand
the syntax "targets: [rect1, rect2]" correctly. To QMLBinding it adds a way to
set a evauluated binding-function instead of a src, which is needed to be able
to revert properties to their old binding.

Diffs: 1, 2, 3, 4 Revision 2cc766f...


Development Tools

Milian Wolff committed changes in [kdevplatform] /quickopen:

Optimize: Greatly speed up painting of the QuickOpen list of files.

The bottleneck is the QPixmap creation from a KIcon. We now cache
the KIconLoader::Small icon. In my tests this is a difference of
day and night performance wise. Where scrolling in a longish list
easily took 100% CPU and felt sluggish before, it now is very smooth.

This allows us to remove the scrollbar hack, where we disabled it
when too many items where displayed. It's not neccessary anymore.

Diffs: 1, 2, 3 Revision b52d958...


Thibaut Gridel committed changes in [marble] src/lib/PlacemarkLayout.cpp:

PlacemarkLayout: optimise for label-less placemarks

roomForLabel is indeed the culprit:
- it didn't scale as it wrongly iterated all placemarks
- it isn't needed once we know a placemark doesn't have text

KDE Base

Eike Hein committed changes in [kde-workspace] /desktop/applets/tasks/package/contents:

Sizing threshold tweaks.

This reduces the preferred minimum height of items to barely above
the font's M size, allowing layout to break into additional rows
far sooner. Additionally, the scaling curve for icons is fudged to
allow the icon to overrun a bit into the frame margins at very low
item heights. Together this answers the clamor for supporting very
space-constrained forced multi-row configurations similar to the
old applet's behavior, while still trying to look not quite as bad
in the process.

Not very happy about introducing some fixed pixel values into the
calculations, but between the poor support for font metrics in QML
and tweaking things for scenarios in which single pixels matter,
it's inevitable for now.

Frank Reininghaus committed changes in [kde-baseapps/KDE/4.11] dolphin/src/kitemviews/kfileitemmodel.cpp:

Do not convert a KUrl to a QString and back again

This small change saves a lot of CPU cycles when the items are resorted.

REVIEW: 111700

Martin Gräßlin committed changes in [kde-workspace/frameworks-scratch] kwin/main.cpp:

Drop the X11ErrorHandler from KWin

The XLib error handler became a little bit useless and we don't get
access to the XCB errors, which get logged as debug messages by Qt.


Volker Krause committed changes in [kdepim] mailcommon/folder/foldercollectionmonitor.cpp:

Don't retrieve RID/RREV inside KMail.

This saves about 5% transfer volume (for IMAP, possibly more for maildir
with its longer RIDs), and subsequently memory.

Laurent Montel committed changes in [kdepim-runtime/KDE/4.11] agents/newmailnotifier/newmailnotifieragent.cpp:

Optimization + don't show "new mail" when we have a filter which set read status


Jos van den Oever committed changes in [calligra] /:

Speed up conversion from ppt to odp by not compressing png and jpg files.

Boudewijn Rempt committed changes in [calligra] /ui/opengl:

Don't create and try to update empty tiles.



Oindrila Gupta committed changes in [artikulate-data] courses/basic/ba/ba.xml:

Male voice recordings for the 'Numbers' unit have been added to the
Bengali Course. Also, added audio (.ogg) files for previous recordings.

Oindrila Gupta committed changes in [artikulate-data] courses/basic/ba/ba.xml:

Female voice recordings for the 'At the Supermarket' unit have been added to the Bengali Course.

Aleix Pol Gonzalez committed changes in [pairs] /qml:

Change how we go back from the credits page

Instead of the ugly go back button at the bottom, add a button in the
navigation box.
Additionally, hide the players list while showing the credits, it doesn't
help much and it unclutters the view.

Andreas Cord-Landwehr committed changes in [rocs/KDE/4.11] /:

Set new Rocs application icon.

Thanks to Yuri for creating it!

KDE Base

Chusslove Illich committed changes in [kdelibs/frameworks] /:

Basic porting to new i18n semantics.

Diffs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (+ 40 more) Revision 37b8d8e...
Thomas Lübking committed changes in [kde-workspace/KDE/4.11] /:

remove nvidiahack lib

1. it apparently is ineffective
2. if it was effective, it's current behavior would be not exactly helpful
(sets __GL_YIELD to NOTHING, causing busy waits on doublebuffer swapping)
3. it does for sure pollute the doublebuffer/usleep detection (setenv is set to override),
ie. the overehad detection code gets a different opinion on __GL_YIELD than libGL

REVIEW: 111858