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Features in KDE Base

Simon Paul St James committed changes in [kate] /:

Further work on the "repeat last search" stuff - in Vim's search bar, if we search forward, then an unescaped "/" has a special meaning, which I'm going to call a "search config marker" (not sure if there is any official terminology) (and likewise for "?" when searching backwards). If one is present, the actual pattern to search is everything to the left of this, unless such a pattern is empty, in which case we repeat the last search performed. The stuff to the right of it is also parsed: if there is an 'e' there, then the search will place the cursor at the *end* of the match, rather than the beginning. I've implemented all this stuff, though there is some more to do: in Vim proper, we can also specify an offset to place the cursor; e.g.


would search for bar and place the cursor 3 chars before the end of the match;


would repeat the last search and place the cursor 6 chars after the start of the match; etc.

I haven't implemented this "numeric offset" stuff, though.

File Changes

Modified 7 files
  •   tests/vimode_test.cpp
  •   part/vimode/kateviemulatedcommandbar.cpp
  •   part/vimode/kateviemulatedcommandbar.h
  •   part/vimode/kateviinputmodemanager.cpp
  •   part/vimode/kateviinputmodemanager.h
  •   part/vimode/katevimodebase.cpp
  •   part/vimode/katevinormalmode.cpp
7 files changed in total