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Bug Fixes in KDE Base

Wolfgang Bauer committed changes in [plasma-workspace] /screenlocker:

Force the screen locker's greeter to show the password input field in
case of immediateLock

If the screen locker is set to not require a password to unlock, it will
not show the password input field even when the powermanagement settings
suspend the system and are set to require a password after resume (when
it was already running at that point).
This locks people out of their system.

This patch adds a signal handler for SIGUSR1 that switches the running
greeter to immediateLock mode. The locker sends that signal to make sure
the greeter shows the password input field when necessary.

REVIEW: 117091

File Changes

Modified 4 files
  • /screenlocker
  •   ksmserver/ksldapp.cpp
  •   ksmserver/greeter/greeterapp.cpp
  •   ksmserver/greeter/greeterapp.h
  •   ksmserver/greeter/main.cpp
4 files changed in total